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 * our delay API
 * zeroconf requires us to have things outstanding on the network
 * and to wait until a certain amount of time has passed before
 * proceeding. 
 * This API tries to be somewhat sane to use but it has limitations, 
 * like it needs to hane SIGALARM handled specially. It can only
 * have a single delay outstanding as once. Delays are always against
 * observered real-time

#ifndef DELAY_H
#define DELAY_H 1

#include <signal.h>

extern sig_atomic_t delay_timeout;
extern int delay_is_running;

void delay_setup_fixed (struct itimerval *delay, int delay_secs);

void delay_setup_random(struct itimerval *delay, 
                  int delay_min_secs,
                  int delay_max_secs);

void delay_setup_immed (struct itimerval *delay);

void delay_run         (struct itimerval *delay);

int  delay_is_waiting  (void);

#define delay_wait(x)  { if (!delay_timeout) continue; }

#endif /* DELAY_H */

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